Beaver Creek Terriers




Welcome to Beaver Creek Terriers. located in SW Nebraska.

We own Pitbull and Patterdale Terriers which we use for hunting varmints and a German Shorthaired Pointer for hunting birds.

We breed American Pitbull Terriers with tightly bred Red Boy/Jeep dogs as our foundation and using Bolio as an out.

We only do one or two breedings a year and breed entirely for ourselves, keeping four or five out of each litter.

We do sell the pups we don't have room for and once every year or two, we go through and sell off some of the older dogs to make room for the newer ones.

We breed  for highly intelligent, non human aggressive dogs that won't quit at any task put before them

We don't show our dogs so confirmation is not a high priority.

Dogs that will hunt are our top priority.

Keep checking the site, we will be updating constantly over the next month or two.

Hope you enjoy...



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